Boat Rocker kids prodco buys Arc assets

Kids-logo-460_2Kyle MacDougallIn the same month it was acquired by Boat Rocker Media, Canadian toon studio Jam Filled Entertainment has bought the assets of recently closed compatriot Arc Productions.

The deal, financial terms of which were not disclosed, sees service firm Arc’s principle assets and projects move over to Jam Filled, which is based in Ottawa.

Arc, which has worked on Tarzan & Jane and Thomas & Friends, went out of business and its assets taken to auction earlier this month after running into financial difficulties.

With the acquisition, Jam Filled will move into Toronto, and has opened an office there, housing 200 employees and adding 3D to the company’s capabilities.

Jam Filled’s president, Kyle MacDougall and creative directors, Jamie Leclaire and Phil Lafrance, will lead the new unit and oversee production. Boat Rocker will provide capital, business support and guidance.

By adding incredible talent with 3D expertise in Toronto, Jam Filled is now in production on select 3D projects as of today, while also retaining the ability to take on additional properties immediately,” said David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, co-executive chairmen, and John Young, CEO, Boat Rocker Media, in a joint statement.

The deal comes after Boat Rocker, which is the parent of Orphan Black prodco Temple Street Productions among other assets, bought Jam Filled.

“Jam Filled, with the support of Boat Rocker Media, is committed to creating great animated content and we are excited by this new stage in the company’s growth,” said MacDougall, Leclaire and Lafrance.

“We knew Boat Rocker’s investment would create new opportunities to do what we love while paving the way for us to create big waves in the family and animation space.

“The acquisition of these new assets allows Jam Filled and its growing team of extraordinary animators to show off our animation service capabilities, as well as expand our staff to work on new and exciting projects in the kids and family sector.”

Boat Rocker has been on a significant acquisitions drive since coming into being earlier this year.

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