Show of the week: Zoli & Pokey

Zoli & Pokey offers up a twist on the traditional sitcom set-up. Although it is about the trials and tribulations of a family, one member of that group, the dad, has turned into a dog. The ensuing show is billed as a warm portrait of a modern family.

The set-up sees Zoli living with his organic food-obsessed stepdad, conceptual artist mum, super popular step-brother and genius half-sister, when his dad (Pokey) returns in canine form.

From Doghouse Films and 2 Minutes, the French animation house behind M6 toon Memories of Mamette, Zoli & Pokey will run to 52x13mins and is 2D animation.

Boutique financier and distributor About Premium Content is selling the show, and APC Kids consultant Lionel Marty says the visual style is one way in which it stands apart from the competition.

“It’s the first cubist kids series,” he says. “The animation looks like Picasso. There is a great appetite for comedy right now, and with its unique graphic style, it is a good time to present Zoli & Pokey.”

The comedy series is aimed at 6-9s. Kids channel Gulli has it in France and launched it at the end of January.

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