Germany tipped for pay TV growth

Pay TV and paid video-on-demand revenues in Europe’s German-speaking countries is forecast to pass the €3 billion (US$3.3 billion) threshold this year, according to German commercial broadcasters’ association the VPRT.

According to the organisation, pay TV and paid VOD revenues grew by 12% in Germany last year to reach €2.5 billion, while revenues across Germany, Austria and Switzerland grew to €2.7 billion.

The VPRT predicts that revenues will grow by between 8% and 11% this year to reach €2.8 billion in Germany and €3 billion across the German-speaking countries.

According to the organisation, pay TV and VoD revenues have increased by 30% since 2012.

Pay TV subscribers rose by 6% last year to reach 7.4 million in Germany and 8.2 million in the German-speaking area. The VPRT predicts that there will be 7.8 million subscribers in Germany and 8.7 million in the entire German-speaking area by the end of this year.

The VPRT calculated that there are now 105 pay TV channels in Germany, including 16 documentary services, nine kids channels, 16 music channels, 21 sports services and 43 entertainment services.

The average monthly reach for pay TV programmes in Germany reached 11.73 million per month in 2015, rising to 12.42 million for the first six months of this year.

“Pay TV and paid video-on-demand achieved new record figures in German-speaking territories during last year and are set for further growth in 2016,” said Frank Giersberg, member of the board of directors, market and business development, VPRT. “The key driver behind this development is a rich variety of programmes and services, be it documentaries, children´s programmes, music, sport or entertainment.”

“The data presented today by VPRT prove that an increasing number of viewers are prepared to pay for the quality programmes offered by pay TV channels,” added Carsten Schmidt, CEO, Sky Deutschland.

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