Altice reorganises TV division

Altice-owned SFR Group has reorganised its recently formed media outfit, SFR Media, naming management teams for the three sub-divisions of the group.

SFR Media remains headed by Alain Weill as CEO. Damien Bernet, hitherto deputy CEO at NextRadioTV, will serve as deputy chief executive, while Bernard Mourad, the media and telecoms entrepreneur and close associate of Altice founder Patrick Drahi, who helped pilot the flotation of Altice and the merger of SFR and Numericable, will be deputy CEO in charge of development.

Pierre-Henry Médan, general manager at NextRégie, becomes head of advertising for the group, while RMC boss Frank Lanoux becomes marketing chief. Human resources will be headed up by Bénédicte Lefebvre du Preÿ.

The management team at SFR RadioTV, which incorporates the group’s 49% stake in Weill-founded NextRadioTV, will include Hervé Béroud as managing director of BFM TV anddirector of news. Pierre Fraidenraich will be managing director of BFM Business.

Jean-Michel Salvator has been named as director of digital editorial activity, while Stéphane Soumier becomes head of editorial at BFM Business.

Guenaëlle Troly and Frank Lanoux keep their current roles as heads of RMC Découverte and RMC respectively.

François Pesenti has been named as CEO of SFR Sport.

In the press division, François Diuelesaint becomes head of operations and finance, while Guillaume Dubois is named head of content, editorial strategy and digital.

Weill and Bernard Mourad become, respectively chairman and vice-chairmnan of SFR Presse.

Altice CEO and SFR Group president and chief exec Michel Combes said that the appointments gave the group “the best team to ensure the success of convergence and offer its customers the best networks, services and content”.

Will said that the organisation of the three parts of SFR Media gave the group “all the cards” to make it the “the most innovative multimedia group in France”. Future plans include the launch of BFM Paris, a new local news channel for the capital.

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