Discop launches Dubai event

Discop owner Basic Lead is launching a content market in Dubai.

Discop Dubai will take place from 29-31 January, 2017, at the Madinat Jumeirah resort.

The confab, supported by the Arab State Broadcasting Union among others, will target countries from the Middle East, North Africa, Gulf and Asian subcontinent. It will combine a traditional market, screenings of new Ramadan programming, presentations and social events.

“With viewers watching more TV now than ever before, regional coproductions and the trade in adaptation rights continues to contribute significantly to the rapid increase in international sales,” said Discop markets founder Patrick Zuchowicki.

Discop Dubai, as with all other Discop markets, will once again accompany that trend and open doors in new marketplaces that are still difficult to reach.”

Basic Lead expects 1,500-plus delegates.