Indian OTT deals for Barcroft

Multichannel network provider Barcroft Media has signed two new agreements with OTT platforms that will see it build its presence in the Indian market.

Sam BarcroftThe factual content-based service provider has signed a deal with PressPlayTV, a Delhi-based OTT platform backed by Sequoia Capital that offers movies and trending videos from across the Internet across over 50 channels including Bollywood, comedy, TV shows, music, food, travel and sport.

Barcroft Media will become a premium content partner with PressPlay TV and the Barcroft TV service will feature prominently on the platform, according to the MCN.

The second deal is with Planetcast Media Services Limited, which provides technology-led managed services to the broadcasting industry. Barcroft Media is partnering with Planetcast to bring Barcroft TV to their forthcoming OTT platform, which features live TV and VOD. Planetcast is launching in India and overseas soon.

“We are delighted to partner with PressPlay TV and Planetcast to bring Barcroft TV to India. We’re excited at the possibilities and the opportunity to expand the footprint of Barcroft Media content to this thriving market,” said Barcroft Media CEO and founder Sam Barcroft (pictured).

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