Atresmedia creates new international unit

Spanish media giant Atresmedia has unified its international channel operations under one brand.

The Antena 3, Atreseries and Hola services will now be part of a new division, Atresmedia Internacional.

Javier Nuche, who had been running the three channels when they were operated as separate entities, will head up the new division.

Madrid-based Atres said that creating a dedicated international division will allow it to work more closely with operators commercially and in terms of the marketing of its channels.

The three Atresmedia Spanish nets claim a global reach of 35 million in the Spanish-speaking world. The Atresmedia Internacional division will have the tagline: “Entertainment in the language that unites us.”

“This is the time to consolidate our strategy as a group, to take better advantage of growth opportunities and to compete in an increasingly complex market,” said Nuche.

“This new structure will not affect how the channels are run; they will retain the personality and hallmark traits that have led to their success.”

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