Telefónica reports TV numbers

Telefónica’s total TV base increased to 8.4 million at the end of the first quarter, representing a penetration of 40% of its overall fixed broadband base. Some 4.5 million TV subscribers took a DTH service from Telefónica.

The TV number represented organic growth of 7% according to Telefónica.

Video revenues amounted to €665.4 million, up 17.3% year-on-year.

In Spain, pay TV customers totalled 3.7 million, up 4% on an organic basis year-on-year, including 823,000 satellite TV customers via DTS.

The Movistar Fusión bundled offering now accounts for 82% of fixed broadband customers, 74% of TV customers and 69% of mobile contract customers. Thirty per cent of Fusión customers % now have ultrafast fibre and 66% pay TV.

TV customers in Spanish-speaking Latin America numbered 2.9 million, up 12%.

Overall, Telefónica posted revenues of €10.8 billion for the quarter, down 6.6% on a reported basis but up 3.4% on an organic basis, while operating income was €1.34 billion, down 11.3% on a reported basis but up 11.4% on an organic basis.

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