Euro SVOD lags the US

The proportion of consumers watching OTT video in Western Europe is increasing but continues to lag the US, notably in terms of the number of people paying for an SVOD service.

ott lifestyle netflixNew research from Parks Associates shows that in the UK, 55% of broadband homes watch OTT video.

In France, the total is 51%. The levels of OTT usage lag that of the US, where 70% of broadband homes watch OTT video.

The proportion of UK and French consumers paying for a SVOD service, however, lags well behind the US. In the UK, 30% pay for OTT and in France the proportion paying for video is in 17%.

The US level of paying OTT users, meanwhile, is 64%. Netflix, the clear SVOD leader, is a more established service in the US than in Europe, which likely skews the numbers. In the UK it rolled out ion 2012 and in France it launched last year.

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