10 MIPTV takeaways: #10 the market in numbers

miptv2016Many people at MIPTV reported the market ‘felt quieter’, but also invariably said they got the meetings they needed, perhaps indicating less meet-and-greet half-hours and more of a focus on getting deals done.

Markets live or die by the number of buyers in town. MIPTV organisers Reed MIDEM said there were 3,900 in Cannes, a marginal decrease on the 4,000 reported in 2015 and 2014.

There were a reported 11,000 attendees, as was widely predicted by those on the ground. The official attendance number has now remained the same since 2012 (11,500 were reported in 2011).

Drilling down into the numbers, there were 400 buyers in Cannes for the inaugural MIPDrama screenings, a number marked up from an initial, official 350.

MIPDoc and MIPFormats, which take place directly before the main MIPTV market, attracted 1,890, a 5% uptick on the 1,800 reported a year ago.

Although the focus has moved to Europe, Reed said there were attendees from 100 countries in town.

To put the MIPTV numbers into perspective, last year’s MIPCOM had 13,700 attendees and 4,800 buyers.

Those overall numbers were also flat on the previous year, although the composition changed with the number of buyers up. The last MIPJunior, meanwhile, had 1,400 delegates and attracted 590 buyers.

The October event is still over six months away… time to start getting those meetings booked.


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