Gil Formats to Break the Dress Code at MIPTV

Formats-logo-460_2breaking the dress codeThe sales arm of Israel’s Gil Productions will launch Breaking the Dress Code at MIPTV.

The format has three fashion stylists compete to find the perfect outfit for a well-known personality.

The celeb is revealed to the stylists and they then go on a three-hour race to find the outfit that best expresses that star’s personality.

Gil Formats will give the format its international launch at the market.

“We believe that Breaking the Dress Code is a breath of fresh air to fashion shows around the world,” said Assaf Gil, CEO of Gil Formats, said of the all-new offering.

“This new format adds another dimension to the clothes we choose to wear and reveals a hidden facet of famous personalities”.

Ahead of the market, Gil Formats said it had optioned another of its properties to partners in Spain and France.

Capturing the Moment, in which elderly individuals speak about complex issues including love, family, careers and sex, has ben optioned by Satisfaction in France and by an unnamed Spanish prodco.

The format was recently ordered by Alpha TV in Greece.

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