Show of the week: Marry Me Now

Formats-logo-460_2Marry Me Now is borne out of Armoza’s annual Formagination formats competition. Comedian Odelia Yakir successfully pitched the idea and presents the pilot of the show, in which women prepare for their wedding over a three-day period. The twist is the groom does not know what is happening, with the would-be bride popping the question, on air, in the final part of the show.

If the answer is yes then the couple proceed directly to the wedding ceremony and reception. Each one-hour installment will feature one couple’s story.

“It is empowering, showing decisive women who aren’t waiting any longer for someone to propose to them,” says Avi Armoza, Armoza’s founder.

“They are preparing for a wedding without knowing their partner’s answer, and there is an element of humour in that, but overall it is a very strong human drama.”

Having triumphed at Formagination, Marry Me Now was worked up by Armoza Formats and Zipi Rosenblum, a former Formagination winner and the creator of Couch Diaries.

The host, Yakir, provides the bride with emotional support and also keeps the wedding planning on track as the event takes shape over the three days.

Marry Me Now will be entering a market well-stocked with wedding formats, from the stalwarts such as Don’t Tell the Bride, Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress, to newcomers such as FremantleMedia’s Say Yes – Four Proposals and a Wedding Dress and edgier offerings such as Married at First Sight.

“The fact there are a lot of [wedding formats] prove it is a relevant topic,” says Avi Armoza. “We are coming with a fresh perspective, this is an up-to-date format where the bride takes control.”

Armoza launches the format at NATPE, before taking it on to Realscreen and then MIPTV.

The show: Marry Me Now
The producers: Armoza Formats, Zipi Rosenblum
The distributor: Armoza
The concept: Reality format in which would-be brides prepare their wedding, and their proposal, and then pop the question on air

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