UK indies pact with YouTube

Pact has inked a deal with YouTube that paves the way for various collaborations between the video platform and UK indie producers.

JohnMcVay_NewPact is the industry group for UK indies and has signed a memorandum of understanding with Google-owned YouTube. It provides a framework for various collaborations between YouTube and indies, including, Pact said, a possible digitisation project.

Other initiatives could include information sessions for kids producers – YouTube recently announced the launch of its kids app in the UK – and joint expert round tables.

Pact CEO John McVay said: “It is a natural partnership and will benefit members by enabling them to make the most of YouTube to exploit their content”.

Stephen Nuttall, YouTube’s senior director in EMEA, added: “This is a great collaboration that will help Pact members make the most of the range of opportunities available to them on YouTube.

“We’re delighted to support Pact members in this step, which will no doubt also delight our users too by bringing them yet more quality content.”

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