Size Matters for ZDFE, UK indie prodco

Size MattersZDF Enterprises has signed a development deal with UK indie Screen Glue for a science series featuring British director and television producer Jasper James.

Size Matters will investigate why things are the size they are, asking questions such as why Earth is not the size of Jupiter and why people are not the size of mice.

ZDFE, the commercial arm of German pubcaster ZDF, has reported the “interest of several networks and non-linear platforms”. The company has partnered with several UK indies, including Trevor Eve’s Projector Pictures and Bonafide Films.

James, Screen Glue’s founder, said: “I’ve always loved doing big shows and this series takes ‘big’ to a whole new level, and then some. We’re going to create a world that, by definition, no-one has seen before and then follow a cast of characters thrown into this supersized scenario to reveal why our world is like it is.”

“Jasper came up with a fascinating idea that could work in many variations,” said Ralf Rückauer, VP of ZDFE.factual at ZDF Enterprises. “We feel we will be able to create an outstanding two-parter for broadcasters and networks on the East Coast and at the same time a long running series for non-linear platforms on the West Coast.

“This hybrid way of creating programs is essential for us in order to meet the needs of both worlds – traditional free and pay TV and on-demand services.”

ZDFE has also sold the 52x13mins video-game-themed Marcus Level (pictured right) to thematic kids channel Clan TV. Turner Broadcasting Latin America has also bought it for its Boomerang channel.

“This unique video-game themed series uses all the references kids know from their favorite video games, and transposes them into the animated world in a very clever way,” said Fred Burcksen, executive vice president and COO, ZDFE.

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