TV deals for pet prank series

Prank-My-PetSeveral Asian channels have prebought Prank My Pet, a new hidden series in which animals are filmed reacting to hidden camera pranks.

Novovision, the French producer and distributor behind hidden camera shows including Crazy Hidden Camera and Junior Hidden Camera, is behind the new series.

Novovision said it has presold the 26x22mins series to broadcasters in China, Korea and Vietnam, but did not specify which channels in those territories had bought the show.

Prank My Pet starts shooting this month in France and Novovision said it has lined up numerous homes, pet shops and animal lovers for the production.

Francois Xavier PoirierFrançois Xavier Poirier, the founder and CEO of Novovision, said: “You will be highly surprised how some animals can be responsive to tricks. We can prank animals as we do with human beings thanks to our expertise in the hidden camera domain.”

He added: “Of course, animals are our friends and none of them will be harmed during the shooting of our show.”

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