DRG gets Supersized, Bought the House

SupersizedNice Entertainment-owned distributor DRG is heading to MIPCOM with a pair of new factual entertainment shows.

The firm has taken distribution rights outside the UK and Ireland to the format and finished tape of Honey I Bought the House and rights outside the UK to Supersized.

Honey I Bought the House comes from Objective Productions and Crook Productions and was initially commissioned by UKTV’s channel Watch. The 9x45mins series sees a couples given £15,000 to secure their first home, though only one partner is allowed to make all the buying decisions.

The 6x60mins Supersized, from ITN Productions and for UK broadcaster Channel 5, is a series of documentaries that looks at why Britain is perceived to be getting more obese.

Honey I Bought the House is a unique take on the perennially popular property show genre, whilst Supersized takes a serious look at the nation’s growing obesity problem in an entertaining way. I am sure that viewers around the world will enjoy the interesting mix of drama and heart-warming moments, alongside the social commentary these two shows provide.”

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