Kids group welcomes BBC iPlay

Tony Hall 2015The Children Media Foundation has welcomed the BBC’s proposed content and catch-up service for kids, but cautioned it must be launched in addition to the UK pubcaster’s current kids output.

BBC director general Tony Hall (pictured) yesterday unveiled plans for an “open BBC for the internet age”.

These included the roll out of a new children’s service, called iPlay, which would be designed as a “single front-door” for children to access content from the BBC and other trusted partners.

The CMC advocacy group said: “The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF) welcomes the new service iPlay announced today by the BBC, which will extend the corporation’s provision for kids.  We particularly welcome the provision for older kids, an audience which is at present underserved.”

It also sounded a note of caution: “However, this is provided that the new service is in addition to, rather than instead of, the existing channels and that it has the new funding it needs invested in it.”

UK kids TV is, producers say, at a crisis point, with tax breaks for animation and live-action programming, but the BBC the only large-scale commissioner.

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