Latin American net is Still Standing

Panamanian channel Medcom has acquired the 25-episode Antena 3 series Ahora Caigo from Israeli distributor Armoza Formats.

Still StandingAhora Caigo comes from Gestmusic Endemol is based on Israeli format Still Standing, which has been sold to the likes of NBC in the US and runs to more than 2,000 episodes globally.

It will play on Medcom-owned channel RPC Canal 4 network in a daily slot.

The July-August Productions-created format has also scored new deals in Uruguay, where Canal 10 has extended its broadcast of the Spanish show by 40 episodes; Israel, where a 36-episode fourth season is in production for Channel 10; and Hungary, where M1 has ordered a sixth season of 59 episodes.

Recent licence deals have also been struck in France, French-speaking Belgium, Mexico and Italy,

The format sees contestants attempt to win US$1 million in fast-paced trivia rounds, with the loser literally dropped out of the game through the studio floor.

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