Netflix updates its TV app

NetflixBuilding4Netflix has updated its TV to provide a ‘more immersive and cinematic experience’.

The app update will apply across all Netflix’s streaming services in its domestic US market and around the world on its growing number of international services.

The tweaks to the interface include having key information about programme selection, such as the description, episode number and viewing progress, displayed on screen as a title starts playing.

The information is the same customers would have seen previously before making a programme selection and the new system effectively reduces the number of clicks needed to start viewing.

The app update, which will apply to viewers watching via a smart TV app, is the first since late 2013.

Announcing the change in a blog post, the Netflix tech team said: “Video is a rich medium for storytelling and we’ve found bringing video playback into the content selection experience makes it easier to find something great to watch.

“We’ll start rolling this out globally today, and it will be available on eligible devices over the following days.”

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