Media I.M. selling Flying Animals for charity

Kids and Flying AnimalsMedia I.M. has taken on Kids and Flying Animals and will be giving the distribution profits from sales of the Russian-originated toon series to the Hope for Children charity.

London-based Media I.M. said the sales profit will go towards an upcoming Hope for Children initiative dubbed Your Business, Their Lives.

The rights to Flying Animals are held by AdVita, a charitable foundation and owner of the Helping Is Easy fund. AdVita’s aim was to develop, create and deliver a children’s series, from which all proceeds would support their work.

Kids and Flying Animals is a 26-part short-form series for kids 6-12. It was created by St Petersburg-based animation studio DA, which has an active charity and outreach programme.

The show is set in a country of musical animals who are given wings, but can only fly when they are truly happy.

Maria Ufland, co-founder of Media I.M., said: “We are committed to finding the right balance between growing our company and creating a positive social impact.”

She added: “We see this partnership with Hope For Children, which is a great, forward-looking organisation, as the first step in our strategy of contributing to global projects that will make a measurable difference to children’s lives.”