Nat Geo buys Malala movie

National Geographic Channel has acquired the forthcoming feature documentary He Named Me Malala and will play it in 171 territories.

The deal with 21st Century Fox-owned Fox Searchlight Pictures means the doc will play on Nat Geo channels around the world next year.

The film paints a portrait of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot by Taliban soldiers due to advocating female education.

It follows her life before and after the attack, which sparked international outcry and led her to launch a global girls education organization, the Malala Fund. Her bravery led to the award of a Nobel peace Prize.

“This is a film that you leave not only feeling incredibly inspired, but truly wanting to make a difference. As leaders in bringing stories of global importance to the largest audience possible, it is more than just an honor to be part of this project, I feel it is our duty,” said Courteney Monroe, CEO, National Geographic Channels.

The film, which is from doc maker David Guggenheim, debuts theatrically in October. It comes from Fox Searchlight Pictures, Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Participant Media.

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