History orders treasure hunt series

Madagascar-imageUS cable net History has ordered a new eight-part marine archaeology series that it hopes will locate Captain Kidd’s long lost treasure trove.

UK indie October Films will make the as yet untitled show, which will follow the marine team as they explore the Indian Ocean waters off the coast of Madagascar. Expedition leader Barry Clifford has already recovered a silver bar.

It will go out on History later this year. The channel will also pay for a local museum to be renovated and for a lab that will preserve any shipwreck findings.

Barry Clifford said: “After fifteen years of research and expeditions to Madagascar I have made an incredible discovery. While investigating the shipwreck I believe to be Captain Kidd’s Adventure Galley I uncovered a giant silver bar. All the evidence points to it being part of Captain Kidd’s treasure. It’s a huge find for my team but an even bigger find for Madagascar and world history.”

“History is delighted to be working with the Madagascar government as we unearth treasures that could change the way we view the past,” said Dirk Hoogstra, executive VP and general manager, History. “These findings may unlock the secrets of pirates and give us answers to many unsolved stories in history.”

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