Endemol Shine restructures in Nordics

Endemol Shine Group has given several execs in the Nordics new roles in a reorganisation that covers the responsibilities of outgoing co-CEO Gary Carter in the region.

Gary CarterCarter (left) leaves ESG next month and the company has prepared for his exit by implementing a range of exec changes.

Bertil Rosenlund has been upped from CFO to COO, and will now have responsibility for implementing the production and distribution giant’s region-wide strategy.

Victoria Kjellberg becomes chief commercial officer in the new set up, seeing her elevated from senior legal counsel. She will report to Roselund.

ESG has created a new role of creative chairman, non-scripted, to coordinate formats activity within the group and beyond.

The heads of the various ESG prodcos in the Nordics will assume the role for a year at a time and the first to take the reins will be Rubicon TV CEO Pål Kruke Kristiansen.

On the scripted side of the business Filmlance boss Lars Blomgren will become chairman, scripted exchange, with a mandate to encourage collaboration across scripted producers, territories and formats within the group, working with ESG president Tim Hincks.

Sophie Turner Laing, CEO of Endemol Shine Group said: “Rather than recruiting additionally we have chosen to build new roles in which they, and the new company, can thrive. Bertil and Victoria are a formidable commercial team.”

She added: “I’d like to thank Pål for being the first of the MDs to take the new unscripted chairing role, and Lars for undertaking a new group role that will play to his huge experience in, and enthusiasm for great drama stories that can be adapted and retold for different audiences.”

Endemol Shine Nordics was formed earlier this year and incorporates Meter Television, STO-CPH Produktion, Filmlance International, Friday TV, Mag5 Content, Rubicon TV, Metronome Spartacus, Metronome Productions, Endemol Sweden and Shine Finland.

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