Show of the Week: The Remix

Turkey’s Global Agency has for some time now been one of the most aggressive, risk-taking distribution companies in the international market. It should therefore be no surprise its latest project is an Indian-paper format that was first acquired by Vietnam’s VTV3.

Buyers are naturally apprehensive over new ideas without ratings track records. Accordingly, Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, says the four-year-old Grey Matter Entertainment format took two years to find its first broadcaster, and the deal with VTV3, struck in 2013, was followed by a period of development before it launched.

The hard work was worth the wait, says Pinto. “When it went on air, it became phenomenal right away and received much higher ratings than big shows such as X Factor and The Voice. “Some episodes were viewed more than six million times just on YouTube.

“The first territory that airs a format is very important and if that format beats other leading formats, it shows a great track record of success. It’s now definitely a risk-free show.”

The Remix is a DJing format in which 10 teams consisting of a DJ, singer, producer and dancers faced on in 13 weekly themed challenges based around creating new versions of popular songs in genres such as hip-hop, rock and ethnic.

Four celebrity judges and the public vote – the latter by text message – to select a weekly winner. The final three teams face off in a live concert event, with the nation then selecting their favourite.

The singers are often the winners of other talent competition shows, as they bring in-built fan bases with them that help with marketing. Partnering with music labels helps to locate top DJ and production talent, Pinto adds, and tours can be arranged after each season closes. “Nowadays, DJs are the next big celebrities,” he says.

“It’s simple, but also brings a fresh touch to singing competition shows,” says Pinto, who adds its format points make it different to other DJ competition formats, which have often been difficult for channels to make work.

Following the success in Vietnam, deals have been closed in France, Germany, Norway, China, Indonesia and Cambodia with negotiations on-going in Spain and Italy and five other territories interested, according to Global Agency. Season two in Vietnam begins in the autumn.

“We have big hopes for the format,” says Pinto. “It was definitely our best title at MIPTV. It will be a very profitable and ratings winner show for all buyers, so I urge them to pay attention to it.”

The show: The Remix
The producer: Grey Matter Entertainment (India)
The broadcaster: VTV3 (Vietnam)
The distributor: Global Agency (Turkey)
The concept: Teams of DJs, singers and producers compete to create the best reworking of popular songs in weekly challenges