Foothill finds pre-MIP partners for Dino toon

US producer and distributor Foothill Entertainment has brought on copro partners for its new toon series Boy and the Dinosaur and will start the presales effort at MIPTV next week.

UK kids studio Shooting Star Animation has come on board alongside Canada’s Echo Media (Toopy and Binoo), meaning the upcoming animated series is now a Canada-UK treaty co-production.

“Ever since we first saw the charming animation and heard the delightful music of this amazing series, we knew we wanted to be part of it,” said Echo Media president Luc Châtelain. “The beautiful story and its themes are destined to be an instant classic for kids around the world.”

The series follows the unique relationship between a young Boy; his friend and mentor Dinosaur and the family home where they both live.

Director Paul Couvela (Bob the Builder), producer David Bunting (Shaun the Sheep) and writer Davey Moore (Octanauts) are all attached.

Foothill will handle sales outside the UK and Canada and will be preselling at MIPTV.

An early version of the series proved popular at MIPJunior, twice becoming the third most-screened programme at the kids market.

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