Showrunners to helm Scorpion slate

A documentary about US television showrunners will lead UK indie distributor Scorpion TV’s slate on the Croisette this month.

Showrunners.jpgShowrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show is a 1x90mins / 1x52mins doc that comes from Black Sheep Productions, Romark Films and Junto Entertainment.

The doc looks at the logistical, creative and financial pressures of overseeing a television series with interviews behind showrunners of Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Boadwalk Empire, Battlestar Galactica and The Good Wife among others.

At MIPTV, Scorpion will also be shopping Microbirth, a one-hour doc looking at the microscopic events happening during childbirth, and Finding Family, which is about Oggi Tomic, a Bosnian abandoned by his mother as a child that returns to the formerly war-torn country after 27 years.

Also on the slate are Survival of the Fabulous, in which gay filmmaker Bryce Michael Sage looks at the question of whether men are born homosexual, and Boobs, in which British model Precious Muir faces unexpected repercussions of a breast enhancement after moving to New York.

Other new titles include sex trafficking doc Red Light / Green Light and Auschwitz human experimentation film Criminal Doctors.

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