Canal+ launches kids, entertainment channels in Africa

Canal+ has expanded its service for sub-Saharan Africa with the creation of three new dedicated channels and the addition of 22 other services to its offering, now marketed under the Bouquets Canal+ brand.

The new channels are Edan, described as a “cosmopolitan and urban” entertainment channel, Gulli Africa, said by the broadcaster to be the first youth channel to be tailored for African audiences, and telenovelas channel Novelas TV.

Other channels new to the platform include AB Group’s Science et Vie TV, which will be launched in Africa ahead of France, Histoire, Ushuaia TV and France 3. Canal+ said it now offered close to 200 channels in Africa.

Canal+ is also providing access to multiscreen service MyCANAL, which allows users to access the Canal+ premium channels and up to 11 Bouquests Canal+ channels, along with video-on-demand, on computers, tablets and smartphones. According to the broadcaster, this is the first such service launched in Africa.

The latest expansion of Canal+’s African service follows the launch of A+, its first dedicated African channel, last year.

David Mignot, the Africa chief executive at Canal+ Overseas, earlier told French financial daily Les Echos that the broadcaster could reach up to five million homes over the next few years. Canal+ has doubled its African subscriber base from 700,000 to 1.5 million over the last couple of years.


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