Global Agency picks up Turkish pop star format

Izzet-Pinto_-2014.jpgTurkish distributor Global Agency will launch Stairway to Fame, a new talent show format that was created by local pop star Rafet El Roman, in Cannes next month.

The shiny-floor format comes from the Turkish star, who has his own music production company RER.

Global Agency will sell the talent show internationally, starting at MIPTV.

“We’re launching the shiny floor show Stairway to Fame, which was created by one of Turkey’s most famous singers,” Global Agency founder Izzet Pinto (pictured) told TBI.

He added: “Our advantage is we are the only format company in Turkey, so if people have a [format] idea they come to us. We get pitched a lot but only pick up one or two a year.”

The launch of the show comes on the heels of the roll out of It’s Showtime, which it started selling at Discop.

Global Agency is bullishly predicting the reality-talent show will be in 40 territories within two years. “It focuses on more than just the person’s talent, it’s also about their character and personality,” Pinto said. “It’s very big; it’s very warm.”

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