Lat Am content sales platform launches

Cesar Diaz’s new indie, 7A Media, is working on a digital content delivery platform in Latin America that will allow small- and medium-sized channels to access around 8,000 programmes.

New Cesar DiazA partnership with Spain-based digital content sales and marketing firm Videoglobal will lead to the creation of a B2B portal that offers a catalogue of 8,000 hours of programming ranging from telenovelas, drama series, documentaries, movies, kids animation, news and current affairs.

Buyers will be able to access the content, some of which is available free of charge, by subscribing to Videoglobal. Diaz called the portal “an ideal marketplace where a platform of this type is truly beneficial to both content buyers, distributors and producers”.

“The web-based, user-friendly platform also offers a search engine with an ample selection of categories, filters and content rating system to quickly find the contents a broadcaster is looking for in trying to target their audiences and satisfy the needs of their programming grids,” he added.

“After a very successful launch in Spain we are confident that Videoglobal will reach similar results in Latin America and with Cesar’s knowledge of the marketplace we are thrilled to offer the advantages of our platform,” said Evaristo Cobos, CEO of ATM Broadcast, which developed the Videoglobal platform.

Former Cisneros Media Distribution boss Diaz branched out on his own at the end of the last year. His new firm, 7A, launched at NATPE in January and has already secured its debut deals.

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