AMC ‘should launch OTT’

Better Call SaulUS-based channel operator AMC Networks would benefit from launching its own OTT streaming service on the lines of that planned by HBO, according to an analyst at New York financial services specialist Albert Fried and Company.

Albert Fried analyst Rich Tullo said in a note on AMC Networks that the company would be in a good position to launch its own a la carte streaming service.

The company already offers ‘authenticated’ OTT streams of its latest hit Better call Saul (pictured), where it is selling ad inventory, Tullo noted, setting a price target of US$97 for AMC Networks shares. AMC Networks shares are currently trading for just under US$70.

In its note, Albert Fried and Company predicted that AMC would launch an OTT à la carte platform on the lines of HBO Go or CBS Anywhere this year.

Tullo also said that AMC benefited from the acquisition of Chello Media from Liberty Global at the end of last year and said  that, while he company faces a tough year-on-year comparison after releasing fewer original programming hours in the fourth quarter, it still expects AMC to post year-on-year revenue growth.

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