Buyers Briefing: Steve Regan, MTV UK

Buyers BriefingSteve_Regan_BB

Name: Steve Regan

Title: VP of commissioning and production, MTV UK & International

Steve Regan commissions for MTV’s UK and international channels feeds tells TBI about the content that Viacom young adult-skewed network is searching for.


TBI: What MTV channels do you commission for, and how do their needs differ?

SR: I commission for MTV UK and MTV International and we’re finding that the needs are becoming increasingly similar: big noisy formats that work in every market.


TBI: How does the international business operate alongside the flagship US channel?

SR: We work separately with a focus on purely ideas that work internationally.


TBI: Who are the key buyers within your team that producers and distributors should contact with ideas?

SR: Myself and Craig Orr, our executive producer, commissioning and development.


TBI: What’s the commissioning cycle – are there times of year you are focused on ordering original series?

SR: It’s becoming quicker and will increase over the year. We did one in October and are already doing another.


TBI: Do you commission on a pan-regional basis or is original programming country-specific? Do you finance entire budgets, or seek coproduction partners?

SR: I just look for the biggest, best and most original ideas and we finance entire budgets.


TBI: What are you really looking for at the moment? Is there a genre or specific type of programme you have on your ‘shopping list’ or are there particular programming slots you are very focused on?

SR: I want formats that shout out from the EPG and instantly sound like fun rather than hard work.


TBI: Which market is the most valuable for you in 2015? 

SR: Both the UK and the world are equally valuable.


TBI: What short of programming is the general entertainment TV market lacking?

SR: We need more outright fun and better formats.


TBI: What should distributors know about your channels before pitching content?

SR: Please watch MTV – watch the channel and really know what the Millennial audience wants from their viewing experience.


TBI: What is the key challenge facing buyers in today’s market?

SR: Rights is going to become an even bigger issue over the next few years.

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