Show of the week: Matter of Respect

Matter of Respect marks a change in direction for Turkish broadcaster Kanal D with a move into shorter runs, which in terms of international appeal will allow it to look at sales in new territories.

“For our 2014-2015 season we have focused on mini drama series,” says international sales executive Kerim Emrah Turna. “This is not very common with Turkish dramas.

“The characteristics of the Turkish market have never allowed us to produce such mini-dramas, but today it forces us to produce that way. We think that Matter of Respect will help us to enter new markets.”

The serialised drama runs to 13x90mins, much shorter than the typical Turkish drama and potentially better suited to the schedules and ordering patterns of broadcasters in Western Europe and elsewhere.

Emrah Turna reports “huge interest” in the show in Kanal D’s traditional markets: central and eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and central Asia.

Based on a 6x100mins Italian drama of the same name, which ran to three seasons and is distributed by Mediaset, the series follows the two sons who choose very different paths as they attempt to avenge the death of their father, one using the rule of law and the other organised crime.

The show: Matter of Respect
The producer: D Productions
The distributor: Kanal D
The broadcaster: Kanal D
The concept: 13x90mins series in which two brothers take very different paths in an attempt to avenge their murdered father