Bombanbridge feels Earth Touch in Asia

Singapore-based Bombanbridge Media is now distributing UK indie Earth Touch Productions’ programming in Asia.

A new partnership between the pair has already seen Bombanbridge close several deals in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Okto in Singapore has bought 17 Earth Touch titles, including Africa’s Deadliest, Blood River and Cheetah: Price of Speed. Thai Public Broadcasting has bought Beaver Whisperer, Cheetahs of the Deep, Deep Blue Dive and Dolphins: Beauty Before Brains.

Meanewhile, Philippino netwok 9 TV has acquired Turf War: Lions & Hippos, Gannets – The Wrong Side Of the Run, Speed Kills and Venom Islands.

“Our broadcast partners are quickly realising these high quality productions will earn them great ratings,” said Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge.