Kiwi pubcaster opens up to indies

New Zealand’s public broadcaster TVNZ will open up production of local Maori and Pacific programming to indie producers.

The content in question – production of which is part of TVNZ’s public service broadcasting commitments – has hitherto been largely produced in-house.

TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick said the move will create a new opening for New Zealand’s indie producers.

“The obligation is set, our commitment remains – what we want to do is to step aside from the in-house production of these programmes,” Kenrick said.

He added: “Our experience with other independently produced programmes is that a competitive environment can stimulate freshness and a new creative edge with no loss of quality, and it certainly streamlines our business.”

The TVNZ boss added that the broadcaster is giving the production community notice now with a view to indie-produced Maori and Pacific programming being commissioned next year.