Wuaki launches new 4K smart TV app, preps France launch

Movie and TV streaming service Wuaki.tv has launched a new smart TV app with 4K ultra high definition support and an updated user interface.

The app will be shown for the first time at German consumer electronics trade show, IFA, in the coming days, and will be demoed on smart TVs by Wuaki partners LG and Samsung.

Wuaki said that it will make 4K viewing possible on selected TV models by the end of the year, and that 4K content will be available in Spain and the UK, where Wuaki.tv currently operates, as well as France, Germany and Italy, where it plans to expand “in the near future.”

The news came as the French tech news site ZDNet.fr reported that Wuaki would launch next in France, followed after by Germany and Italy, and is running a private beta test in the country that will run until the end of September.

“Offering our content in 4K UHD is one of our most important and relevant strategic moves for Wuaki.tv. It reflects two of our biggest objectives; to stand out in the market with superior technology, and to offer our viewers the most satisfying movie experience,” said Jordi Miró, chief technology officer of Wuaki.tv.

Alongside Wuaki’s 4K support, the firm has also updated its existing app for current generation TVs with an improved interface. This including streamlined e-commerce systems, the ability to easily browse different Wuaki rental and purchase options, and a new feature that recommends content based on the user profile.

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