Aussie FTA nets exceed local content quotas

Australia’s commercial free-to-air broadcasters exceeded their local content quotas in 2013, a government media authority has reported.

Seven Network, Nine Network and Ten Network all reported meeting main channel quotas of 55% Australian-created programming during 2013, according to a report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Seven provided an average of 69%, Nine 65% and Ten 59%.

Last year was also the first that included a new transmission quota for multi-channel networks owned by the commercial FTAs. The 730-hour measure was “comfortably” met by all, with the total in fact double the required amount.

The ACMA is increasing the multi-channel quota in 2014 to 1,095 hours.

Among its findings, the authority noted Seven provided a “vast majority” of kids content on 7Two and 7Mate, Nine played two-thirds of its dramas on multi-channels and all kids shows on Go!, and that Ten has transitioned its kids shows to Eleven.

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