Aussies watching more linear TV

Australians are watching more linear TV as well as viewing a greater amount of on-demand video on connected devices, according to new research from ratings agencies OzTAM, Regional TAM and Nielsen.

The data covers 1Q14 and reveals that the average viewer watched 93 hours and 16 minutes of TV a month, a 37-minute increase on the same period a year earlier. In demographic terms, under 12s, 18-24s and 35-49s all watched more TV.

The researchers added that 92.2% was live, linear viewing. The proportion of people using connected devices to go online while watching TV rose sharply, in line with wider adoption of connected devices, notably tablets as tablet penetration rose to 42% of Australian homes from 31% a year earlier.

The typical Australian spent 7 hours 48 minutes a month watching video content on a computer or tablet.

“The task-ahead is for broadcasters and brands to work together to engage eye balls with compelling content that keeps viewers attached to the main screen when it matters,” said Nielsen’s senior VP, cross platform audience measurement, Erica Boyd said.

She added: “In addition, opportunities exist for those who develop smart cross-platform strategies and executions that use the second and third screens to enhance and complement the main screen, extending advertising reach and resonance and engagement across multi-screening audiences.”

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