Passion whips up Hurricane 360 sales

Passion Distribution has sold several titles from The Weather Channel.

A raft of broadcasters have bought The Weather Channel’s 8x60mins series Hurricane 360 (pictured). Australia’s Nine, Sweden’s TV4, Norway’s TV2 and RTL CBS in Asia, Viasat in eastern Europe and UKYV in the UK have each acquired the show, which examines hurricanes from different angles.

Passion reps The Weather Channel catalogue and has also shopped its 8x60mins series Tornado Alley to broadcasters including Discovery Asia, TV4 Sweden, TV2 Norway and UKTV.

Discovery Asia also picked up 13x60mins series Why Planes Crash and Nat Geo bought 3x60mins Building Invincible, about structures that have had extreme weather-proofing.

Emma Simpkins, Passion’s director of sales, said “Weather and popular science is hugely topical and in demand right now. There has been a move back to real events, real stories, real disasters and our The Weather Channel content is the perfect mix of science and dramatic real experiences to draw in a global audience.”

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