Channel 4, PBS order Sex in the Wild

The UK’s Channel 4 and US pubcaster PBS have jointly ordered a four-part wildlife series focusing on animal reproduction.

The Windfall Films-produced show will be known as Sex in the Wild in the US and Born in the Wild in the UK. It debuts on July 16 on PBS and June 8 on Channel 4.

The series will detail different species mating methods and reproductive anatomies, and how scientists can help safeguard the futures of some species.

“Kangaroos, elephants, dolphins and orangutans each have unique and amazing sexual anatomies and reproductive cycles,” said Dr. Joy S. Reidenberg (Inside Nature’s Giants), who fronts the series alongwide veterinary scientist Mark Evans. “We have the opportunity to focus on the issues and challenges that each of these animal groups faces when it comes to the procreation of their species.”

Sara Ramsden, Channel 4’s specialist factual commissioner said the show included “jaw-dropping revelations and amazing footage of animal births and mating behavior. You will never look at elephants in quite the same way again”.

“For a 10pm audience interested in knowing about the livelihood of key animal species and finding out how they can survive – and even thrive – Sex in the Wild is both remarkable and revealing,” added PBS’s chief programming executive and general manager, general audience programming Beth Hoppe.

Roeland Doust, Peter Fison, Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe and Kelly Neaves produce and direct the episodes, which focus on elephats, kangaroos, orangutans and dolphins. Jamie Lochhead and David Dugan are executive producers.

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