Spartacus making basic cable debut on Syfy

Spartacus.WaroftheDamnedSyfy has acquired all three seasons of swords-and-sandals series Spartacus and its launch on the NBCUniversal-owned net will mark the first time it has been available on basic cable.

The show debuted on premium cable net Starz, which also produced it, and Starz’ distribution arm sells the series and cut the deal with Syfy. It covers three seasons of the show and the six-episode prequel.

Syfy will launch it in late June, in a Thursday 10pm slot. Original one-hour dramas Defiance and Dominion will go out before Spartacus, giving it a stronglead-in.

“Spartacus made an indelible impact on Starz premium viewers in the United States and with audiences around the globe,” said Gene George, executive VP, Worldwide Distribution for Starz. “We are very pleased to strike this accord and bring the incredible tale of Spartacus to Syfy for its viewers.”