Nerd Corps working on kids toon with Steven Hawking

RHCP_Lucy&StephenHawking_cNametobecreditedCanadian producer Nerd Corps and Pure Grass Films are collaborating with physicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy (pictured) on an animated version of their kids book series.

The Hawkings have written a series of books featuring 11-year-old George Greenby. The first novel, George’s Secret Key to the Universe was followed by George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt and George and the Big Bang.

Nerd Corps is in early development on 3D animated TV versions of the comedy adventure stories. No broadcaster is attached at this stage.

In a joint statement Lucy and Stephen Hawking said: “The joint mission with Nerd Corps presents a truly exciting opportunity to engage young viewers with science through spectacular visual entertainment and dramatic storytelling.”

Asaph Fipke, CEO and Founder of Nerd Corps added: “The George Greenby books have been read by children all over the world, and we know fans will be thrilled to see George and Annie’s exploits brought to life on-screen. We hope this show will be a giant leap for kidkind, inspiring children worldwide to embrace the mysteries and marvels of science.”



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