Netflix launching on US cable

Netflix Building41-620x413Netflix will launch on three US cable TV systems next week.

The streaming service will be integrated with the TiVo settops of small MSOs Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications and RCN Telecom Services, marking a significant US first for Netflix.

Internationally Netflix has already integrated with Virgin Media’s TiVo service in the UK and that of Swedish cabler Com Hem. It is also available in Denmark on the Waoo! Platform, but the three US deals are the first for Netflix in its domestic and largest market.

The deal means about 720,000 cable customers in the US will be able to subscribe to and access Netflix’s service via their existing pay TV subscription. The billing relationship will be between Netflix and the customer not bundled with the pay TV subscription.

RCN Telecoms reaches Boston, Chicago, Washington, New York and Philadelphia and has about 350,000 subs while Grande Communications is based and serves 140,000 customers in Texas. Massachusetts-based Atlantic Broadband, meanwhile, is currently ranked the thirteenth largest cabler in the US with 230,000 subs.

Netflix has said it will seek partnerships with cablers that offer TiVo services before branching out and offering its service via other pay TV systems. It is widely reported to have held talks with a range of US cablers.