Discop Africa event adds a sports day

The third day of the upcoming Discop Africa event will be given over to local sports content.

The event organisers, Basic Lead, said focus on sports on the last day of the ninth edition of the market and conference will feature broadcasters, producers and sports experts discussing and analysing the local sports rights and production sector.

Ahead of the sports day Basic Lead will commission new research, surveying broadcasters and producers and getting new insight into the sector.

“Locally produced events that can be televised with minimal expense, such as the content made in Africa, disrupt the traditional domination of larger events carrying much higher license fees,” said Romain Court, research executive, French-speaking Africa at Basic Lead.

He added: “This dedicated survey and conference track comes at a pivotal moment in this trend and will offer invaluable data and guidance to broadcasters, producers, marketing and advertising agencies operating in the industry.”

Discop Africa will run from November 5-7 at Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre.



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