FilmOn acquires Allied Entertainment movie rights

Over-the-top movie service FilmOn has acquired rights to content from the CineBx library and 40 catalogues of content including those of Allied Entertainment, Four Star and HanVideo.

According to FilmOn CEO Alki David, the new catalogues include 10,000 film titles and 10,000 hours of library television footage.

The largest part of the acquisition is the Allied Entertainment Library, originally formed in 1982 before it joined with Viacom and Gill Cable to program the early cable channel Classic Movie Channel.

Titles include movies by John Cassavetes, features and shorts by Robert Altman and Stanley Kubrick and uncut versions of Orson Welles’ films, according to FilmOn.

“Our global audience of tens of millions of users has made it clear that they want more and more quality content to be available on FilmOn,” said David.

“In addition to our ongoing licensing of content, the CineBx acquisition is the first step in our 2014 push to add entire libraries to FilmOn’s free VOD service as well as expanding other distribution channels and technologies.”

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