MIPTV 2014: France TV Distribution goes Face to Face

France TV Distribution has taken co-distribution rights to documentary series Face to Face, which has a deal has already secured in the Netherlands.

International distributor Balanga is selling the show in all territories outside of France and French-speaking territories.

AVRO in the Netherlands has become the first buyer of the property, with the distributors’ claiming interest has been show in “several territories, notably Europe, Asia and Latin America” and deals are expected at MIPTV.

Face to Face  is a collection of documentaries that aired as a group on France 5 under the title, Duels.

These include Gates vs. Jobs from 17 Juin Média, Chanel vs. Schiaparelli from MDAM, Adidas vs. Puma from Bô Travail,

Picasso vs. Matisse from BFC Production, Korolev vs. Von Braun from Step by Step Productions, Mandela vs. de Klerk from Sunset Presse, Visconti vs. Fellini from Flair Productions and LVMH vs. Kering from Pampa Production.

France TV Production and Balanga co-created the 8x52mins collection and are preparing a second season.