Gene Simmons’ son in Nat Geo’s Jesus doc

National Geographic Channel has ordered a drama-documentary about the mysteries surrounding Jesus Christ’s life, which KISS singer Gene Simmonds’ son Nick will star in.

Jesus Mysteries is a 1x120mins special from UK producer Jupiter Communications and will launch in the US and internationally this year.

The programme will recreate dramatic moments from Jesus’ life “in a highly stylised way”, according the factual channel.

Nick Simmons, best known for appearances in A&E reality series Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, gets his first starring role on television in the feature.

“The life of Jesus has been more examined than any other, and yet there are still intriguing mysteries and unexplained gaps,” said Hamish Mykura, executive VP and head of international content for National Geographic Channels International.

“The Jesus Mysteries is an exceptional mix of strong storyline, fresh perspective and a novel, artistic take on reconstructions that presents Jesus’ life in a new and compelling way.”

Jupiter’s CEO Samir Shah is executive producer.

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