France’s M6 launching suite of online channels

French commercial broadcaster M6 Group will tomorrow launch four online TV channels on its 6play app.

The four new channels on 6play are Styles, focusing on fashion and beauty; Stories, comprising television movies; Comic, a comedy channel and Crazy Kitchen, covering cooking.

Valéry Gerfaud, CEO of M6 Web, said that the ambition for 6play is to give TV viewers the possibility of consuming the huge amount TV content available online and outside the existing seven-day catch-up window.

Content on the channels has previously appeared on M6 Group channels M6, W9 and 6ter.

The channels will be free to view and financed by advertising. Gerfaud said that the group would market the fact that it is delivering a premium audience within a branded environment.

6play attracts 10 million unique users a month. M6 said it could add more new channels in the future.

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