Belgacom expands on-demand service

Belgian telco Belgacom has launched its TV Replay service in Flanders and Brussels, allowing viewers to watch shows up to 36 hours after they’ve aired on different devices.

The service, which Belgacom began trialling in November, lets Belgacom TV customers access programmed from their TV, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Starting from this week, the TV Replay offering will consist of content from six channels – één, één HD, Canvas, Canvas HD, Ketnet/OP12, VIER, VIER HD, Belgacom 11, Belgacom 11+, and Belgacom 5.

A second launch phase, slated for April 15, will see seven more channels be added – Vijf, Vijf HD, VTM, VTMHD, 2BE, 2BE HD, Vitaya, JIM, anne and VtmKzoom.

“Belgacom is the first to launch such a product on the digital TV market in Belgium, in cooperation with the channels. Thanks to this new product, you don’t have to worry if you forget to record a programme, and you are no longer dependent on the TV guide. With TV Everywhere, customers could watch TV wherever they wanted: TV Replay now allows them to also do this whenever they want,” the firm said.

TV Replay will cost customers €3 (US$4.12) per month, while a TV Replay+ option that will allow viewers to also skip forwards through programmes costs €7 per month.

The rollout follows a successful four-month test with 10,000 Dutch-speaking Belgacom TV customers.

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