Dark Prophet makes presence felt on Dailymotion

Dark-ProphetOnline video platform Dailymotion is today exclusively launching a indie drama series about a music student who discovers grave government secrets hidden within songs.

Three-parter The Dark Prophet comes from Evette Vargas and stars Henry Rollins, Josh Meyers and Chase Felin among others and is billed as ‘The Matrix meets 24’.

Dailymotion has partnered with online filmmaker distribution network Renderyard Film Network to launch the show across all territories it operates in.

Dark Prophet follows a gifted student who finds messages from a covert government agency plotting a world war hidden with the binary code of songs. After bring framed for his girlfriend’s murder, he has to go underground to prove his innocence and stop the agency.

Production comes from Digital Reign Productions and Dream Hunters Studios. Writer Vargas executives produces alongside Shannon McIntosh, Carlos Arriaga, Ricardo Reyes and Ariella Levitan.

“Dailymotion is designed to make it easy for leading and emerging filmmakers to realise their ambitions by reaching our global audience of 120 million viewers,” said Dailymotion’s VP, international content Marc Eychenne.

“We have worked hard to develop and deliver the high quality technology platform that both does justice to the work of young artists and provides a great viewing experience for our users. We are happy to be bringing more work from upcoming artists to our viewers through this exclusive partnership.”

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