CBeebies prebuys Circle Square

CircleSquare3UK preschool channel CBeebies has prebought Circle Square, an upcoming animated series from production house The Brothers McLeod.

Concurrently, boutique sales house Union Media has been appointed the show’s distributor ahead of its launch.

The 52x11mins series follows a community of characters who live in a circle of houses around a village square.

It was produced by the Bafta-winning Brothers McLeod along with former BBC and Aardman kids TV producer Helen Brunsdon.

Jackie Edwards, executive producer, Cbeebies animation and acquisitions at BBC Children’s, said: “The voice and design of this show is hugely distinctive and very funny, but it was the theme of nurturing an understanding and love of community that made it a must have for us. It’s like a preschool soap opera, but with more laughs and less shouting.”

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